When thinking of purchasing hearing aids, realistic expectations for what the hearing aids can and cannot do are important to understand. Purchasing amplification begins with your acceptance of your hearing loss and decision to pursue better hearing. It is important to realize the effects hearing loss has on your interpersonal relationships, socialization and safety.

-DO expect to hear sounds louder and more clearly than you have been.

-DO expect to hear background sounds along with speech. Along with that, expect that you will still have some difficulty understanding when there is a significant amount of background noise present.

-DO remember using amplification does take time to become accustomed to.

-DO expect the hearing aids to fit comfortably in your ears. Discomfort is not typical and should be addressed with your audiologist as soon as possible.

-DO expect some feedback (whistling) when inserting/removing hearing aids.

-DO expect an adjustment period. You will need time to be accustomed to your amplification and for your brain to re-learn what many sounds are. Remember to be patient as you hear new sounds!

-DON'T expect your hearing aids to be a correction for your hearing loss. Using amplification is not like using glasses or corrective lenses; hearing aids are aids for better hearing and understanding.

-DON'T expect to only hear speech. It is important to remember we live in a noisy world and even the best technology cannot make background noise disappear.